Insert Disc 1 Error

When trying to run your Nancy Drew game, you receive this error message:

Insert Disc 1 into the same drive you installed from

This is usually caused when the game disc is inserted in a different drive than that originally installed from.

Insert Disc 1 into a different disc drive, then launch the game again. If the error message still appears, uninstall the game.

After uninstalling the game, verify all game folders have been removed from your computer. Any remaining game folders will be in one of the following locations (depending on your operating system):

C:Nancy Drew
C:Program FilesNancy Drew
For XP: My Documents folder (C:Documents and SettingsUsernameMy Documents)
For Vista/7: Documents folder (C:UsersUsernameDocuments)

Now reinstall the game, making sure to use the lowest CD/DVD drive by letter, e.g. “D:” drive instead of “E:” drive. On many computers the “D:” drive is the lowest optical drive. However, in some computers the “D:” drive is a backup hard drive, and not an optical drive. If this case, simply install from the next lowest letter optical drive.



7 responses to “Insert Disc 1 Error”

  1. Burney says:

    It still says the same thing, but Disk 1 is already in. What should I do?

  2. manovardhan says:

    hello i have it in form of zip file .i extracted it before going to installation it is asking to insert disk 1.please help me

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi, manovardhan! Please email us at so we can help you further. Be sure to include
      –what game(s) you’re trying to play,
      –where you purchased the game(s) from (e.g. from the HeR Interactive website, Steam, a retail store, etc.),
      –whether the game is a physical disc or digital download,
      –the operating system you’re using (i.e. Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac Yosemite 10.10.1-10.10.5+, El Capitan 10.11),
      –and the exact error message it’s giving you.
      Thanks! -Tess

  3. Carmen says:

    After trying those methods i was not sucessful. However, i found another way. Simply install the game manually, ie:
    1. Make a new folder on your desktop
    2. Insert disk one into your drive. Open file explorer to view the files located inside the cd.
    3. Copy ALL the files located inside the cd onto your new folder. When this has finished, eject disk one.
    4. Insert disk two, and again copy the files located inside to THE SAME folder you created.
    5. Click “setup” application to install the game. You will not be asked to insert disk two midway through, as the files it needs are already all in one place.
    6. When installation has finished, launch game as you usually would.
    7. Ta-da! Hope it worked. In the future, you won’t even need the disk to launch the game as long as you don’t delete your folder containing all the game’s assets.

  4. Hali Flintrop says:

    I am trying to install the game (Kapu Cave, originally from CD-ROM) from .ISO files I created because my new laptop does not have a disc drive and I would prefer not to rely on an external drive all the time.
    I start by mounting the .ISO file of disc 1 and running setup. When I am prompted to insert disc 2, I mount the .ISO file of disc 2 to the same optical drive and the setup continues. When I am finished, I know the game will want to reference disc 1 in the optical drive so I remount the .ISO to the same optical drive, yet I still get the disc error. For all intents and purposes, disc 1 is in the optical drive so the game should be able to read it and launch. Please help?

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