Downloading Tomb of the Lost Queen for PC

Digital Download of Tomb of the Lost Queen for PC

The following information applies to the digital download of Tomb of the Lost Queen for PC only. It DOES NOT apply to the digital download of Tomb of the Lost Queen for Mac, or any other PC or Mac downloads.

Tomb of the Lost Queen for PC will download using a Download Manager. The Download Manager is a fast, easy, and secure tool that lets you download your game straight from the Online Store to your computer. The Download Manager tracks and confirms download progress and virtually eliminates the risk of file corruption during download.

Allow at least 7GB of free space for Tomb of the Lost Queen on PC (digital download only).

Download time can take up to 3 hours on a standard high speed internet connection. For a faster download, avoid using the internet or streaming content during download. DO NOT interrupt the download and installation process once it has started.

1) Log in to the Online Store and look up your Order for Tomb of the Lost Queen on PC.

2) From the Order page, click the Begin Download button to start your download. A small program called “Download Manager.exe” will download to your computer.

3) Run “Download Manager.exe”.

4) When the Save To — Digital River Download Manager prompt appears, click Next.

5) Check the “Run file when done” box, or click the Run button that appears when download is complete.

6) The Setup Wizard will launch to install your game. Proceed through game installation as normal.

7) The game icon will appear on your Desktop when installation is complete. You are ready to play!


3 responses to “Downloading Tomb of the Lost Queen for PC”

  1. McKinsey says:

    I have a DVD to this game, but I keep trying to download it but it always freezes at like 90%, and it never finished downloading no matter how many times I try.

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