Nancy Drew: Music for Mysteries Volume II


Continuing the tradition of great music in the Nancy Drew games, Volume 2 is the soundtrack from some of Her Interactive’s early games! Volume 2 includes the original score from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Danger on Deception Island, The Haunted Carousel, and Secret of Shadow Ranch that have been edited into suites. Size: 74MB


Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake – Forest Night 3:07
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake – Moon Nostalgia 2:58
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake – Spooky Ghosts 4:02
Secret of the Scarlet Hand – Dark Pacal 4:03
Secret of the Scarlet Hand – Discovery Scribe 2:39
Secret of the Scarlet Hand – Exotic Monolith 3:03
Secret of the Scarlet Hand – Temple Lab 2:39
Danger on Deception Island – Caddy Mystery 4:10
Danger on Deception Island – Caves 3:12
Danger on Deception Island – Discover the Jig 2:33
Danger on Deception Island – Siren Dirge 3:19
The Haunted Carousel – Carousel & Ballroom 3:03
The Haunted Carousel – Danger for Kessler 3:47
The Haunted Carousel – Haunted Carnival 3:00
The Haunted Carousel – Joy & Miles Prowl 3:19
Secret of Shadow Ranch – Desert Lands 3:29
Secret of Shadow Ranch – Drive & Danger 2:53
Secret of Shadow Ranch – Francis & Dirk Sleuth 3:13
Secret of Shadow Ranch – Swing Ballad 3:09


  • Artist: Kevin Manthei
  • 19 Tracks
  • Total Time 1:03:19

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