Patch – The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: Digital Download Version

A single patch is available to correct these four problems:

1) Ned phone freeze.
2) Guadalupe availability issues.
3) S3/ViA Unichrome “Picture-in-Picture” problems.
4) Slow performance, end-game chase issues.

Download and run the Digital Download Update: Digital Download 

NB: This download is for the digital download version of the game. For the game on CD-Rom, please go to the CD-Rom Update.



3 responses to “Patch – The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: Digital Download Version”

  1. John Hyre says:

    Patches did not download for my product

  2. Nijaz Muratović says:

    This webpage leads to dead webpage or file. This doesn’t exist (cd version): https://www.herinteractive.com/2014/04/patch-the-white-wolf-of-icicle-creek-cd-version-2/

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