Patch – Stay Tuned for Danger: Mattie’s Cabinet and Senior Detective Timer

There are two separate patches are available for each of the following items respectively:

1. Clicking on Mattie’s cabinet sends player to Dwayne’s office.
2. Playing on Senior Detective, need more time to solve puzzles.

Please download and install the appropriate patch following the directions below.

1. For Mattie’s cabinet, click on the attached file stfd-cabinet.exe and select ‘Run from this Location’ or ‘Open’ to install the update for your game

2. For additional time with Senior Detective puzzles, click on the attached file Timepatch.exe and select ‘Run from this Location’ or ‘Open’ to install the update for your game. Please note, this patch only provides additional time for puzzles while playing the Senior Detective level, it will not affect timers on other levels of game play.



15 responses to “Patch – Stay Tuned for Danger: Mattie’s Cabinet and Senior Detective Timer”

  1. Jenny says:

    Why is there no patch for the missing key for the desk in Mattie’s house or was there suppose to not have one???

  2. Marie says:

    I Cant install stay tuned for danger when I try to click on it It says application not found

  3. Faye says:

    Hey there, I’m having trouble with getting Stay Tuned for Danger to run. I have Windows 10, and downloaded this game as soon as I saw it was available again–I was SO excited to play it! But it isn’t working… HELP!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi, Faye! Have you had a chance to take a look at our Installation FAQ post here? If you have and it’s still giving you trouble, please email us at for additional assistance. Thanks! -Tess

    • Nijaz Muratović says:

      On Windows XP it didn’t work (gave weird codes with error messages) until I installed some directx files called redistributable. Also probably need NET framework and service pack 3. Some apps and games will not even tell what you need until you install NET framework 1 and then will tell you need NET framework 2 etc. Also maybe it needs Java or Flash Player etc etc

  4. Nijaz Muratović says:

    Please can you explain why I can not do anything anymore in the game? Looks like I forgot to take 3d glasses and wire cutters and now can’t get back to any of these rooms again? I also don’t know any passwords for any doors. What should i do next? Could this be programming error? On phone somebody said I should speak with Rick but he is not answering the door knocks. Can I send you save file so you can check my problem??

  5. Daltyn says:

    Since Stay Tuned for Danger just got put back up for digital download, as a sort of celebration of that could you guys release a patch that let’s us go into Mattie’s Desk Drawer now? 🙂 I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to since it’s a glitch to begin with and we know where the keys supposed to be XD Plus the hard work and effort of the original developers wouldn’t be wasted if it was restored 🙂

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Daltyn, it would be nice to have that patch made, but none of our developers from that game are around to do so. Sorry!

      • Daltyn says:

        Oh I didn’t know that you specifically needed the developers from the game to make the patch, I thought anyone from herinteractive could patch it XD I see, thanks for the response I appreciate it, hopefully someday 🙂 I grew up with these games so they’re very special to me C:

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