Patch – Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: Taffy Sort Puzzle

If the cursor freezes when playing the Taffy Sort Puzzle, this problem is usually caused by running the game on a system that does not meet our minimum specifications, other programs running in the background while playing the game, or outdated video drivers.

See our Graphics Problems page for help with updating your video drivers.

If this problem continues after updating your video drivers, download and install the patch.

1. Click on the attached file TRN_Patch.exe
2. Click on ‘Next’ twice.
3. When asked for a directory to install the patch, select the directory where Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon was installed (usually C:Program FilesNancy DrewLast Train to Blue Moon Canyon).
4. Click ‘Next’ until installation is complete.



3 responses to “Patch – Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: Taffy Sort Puzzle”

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    I am having trouble installing “Last Train to Blue Moon”. I get the first disk installed and then get the message “Setup couldn’t find file on specified path . Please check that proper disk is inserted. Another window says Installing copying required video files C:\…\HDVideo\let_openingcine_G_ANIM.bik Please advise. I have a newer laptop. It runs Windows 8.1. Thanks

  2. sue says:

    while in the store at the canyon my game suddenly stopped working and disappeared. As I hadn’t saved the game I lost two hours of detecting. Now the cabinet drawer won’t open so I can get the 1 and 2 slug. this game is starting to get annoying more than a pleasure to play.

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