Patch – Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: Cola Puzzle and Gameplay Errors

Two separate patches are available on this page, one for each of the following items respectively:

1) Update addressing the following problems: Left and right navigation arrows may stop functioning. Game exits while taking photos of birds. Player may be unable to exit journal. Characters keep asking player to take bird pictures, even when this is complete. Player cannot get bucket out of inventory to put out fire. (If you are experiencing this problem, please be sure to start your game from Second Chance after installing the update.)

2) Cola puzzle does not display properly.

Please download and install the appropriate patch following the directions below.

1) For the update resolving multiple problems as listed above, click on the attached file dog_full01.exe and select ‘Run from this Location’ or ‘Open’ to install the updates to your game.

2) If you cannot solve the Cola puzzle, click on the attached file dog_combo solver.exe and select ‘Run from this Location’ or ‘Open’ to update your game to show the puzzle solved. DO NOT INSTALL THIS FILE unless you cannot solve the puzzle on your own.



12 responses to “Patch – Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: Cola Puzzle and Gameplay Errors”

  1. Mya L'heureux says:

    I opened the dog_full0q1.exe to patch my game but it says cannot do it because game is unknown version 🙁

  2. Makena says:

    When I try to go talk to the bird watcher at night, the game crashes.

  3. Kelly says:

    How do I get an updated version of Dogs of Moon Lake? Mine is version 1.1 and part of it plays off the CD.

  4. Nancy Norris says:

    In attempting to download Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, I keep receiving the error kfailureother. Please advise what I need to do to resolve this problem. I have already been charged for the game.

  5. Danni says:

    I downloaded and played Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on my PC, but now everytime I try to play it, a pop up saying DDERR_EXCLUSIVEMODEALREADYSET followed by another popup saying Runtime Error – abnormal program terminated. Please help! Thanks

  6. Ruth Conlon says:

    senior level – Ghost dogs
    game was saved at hawk sighting which means I am unable to refill bucket (which was empty in my inventory) before being trapped in the burning shed. I can’t refill bucket in time to put out fire so I can’t get to next level of game. Please help!

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