Mouse Cursor Lags, Wanders, or Flickers

While playing a Nancy Drew game, your mouse cursor may move erratically or slowly or seem to flicker. This is usually caused by an outdated video driver.

Updating your video card driver can help with this problem. To determine your video card model and manufacturer, please follow the instructions below to run the DxDiag file:

1) Go to your Start Menu.
2) Go to Run (or Search in Windows Vista or Windows 7).
3) In the Run or Search Bar, type “dxdiag” (without quotation marks). In Vista/Windows 7, click on the Dxdiag program icon that appears.
4) This will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. It will take a few moments to complete – you can watch the green progress bar in the left-hand corner. (You may be asked a question about WHQL Certification. Click No or Cancel for this option.)
5) Once the Tool has finished, the progress bar will disappear. Click on the Save All Information button. This will bring up a Save window. Click Save.
6) You have saved a new text file called Dxdiag to your Desktop.

Open the Dxdiag file and check the following information:
Display Devices
Card name:
Driver Date/Size:

Using this information, go to the website of the video card manufacturer to search for driver updates for your video card. Download and install the updates.

***Download drivers from your manufacturer’s official website. Do not uninstall your current drivers – simply install the new driver over your current one.***



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