Mac OS X Requirements

Nancy Drew games on Mac require OS X 10.5.8 Leopard or higher to run.

The following OS X versions (and up) can run our games:

OS X 10.5.8 Leopard

OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

OS X 10.7 Lion

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

OS X 10.9 Mavericks

OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher

To find out what OS X you have, click the Apple menu > About This Mac. The OS X is given as a three-part number, e.g. 10.4.11. For help with this, check Apple Support.

If you are running OS X Tiger 10.4 or earlier, you will not be able to play our games on Mac. If you are unable to launch the game installer please check your OS X. If you do not have OS X 10.5.8 or later, you will need to purchase a Mac OS X upgrade to play our games. OS X upgrades are available at the Apple Store for $29 or less depending on your system needs.

For more help with your OS X, please check Apple Support.



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24 responses to “Mac OS X Requirements”

  1. Ally Noone says:

    Can I use OS X Yosemite, version 10.10.3?

  2. Reese Galido says:

    I purchased and played “Sea of Darkness’ yesterday and now the program crashes on launch. Any ideas?

  3. Sydney says:

    Are all games able to be played on a mac? Or is it only some of the newer ones?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Sydney! Only games #22 on up are available on Mac (also Secrets Can Kill Remastered.)

      • Jabberwocky says:

        When will the rest of the game series be available for Mac? Doesn’t seem fair that they are all available for PC but only some for Mac.

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hi Jabberywocky! We didn’t begin making the games Mac compatible until 2010. If we go back and re-make the older titles, it would take time away from making any new games, since we are a small team. 🙁

          • BBop says:

            When will new games be released then? Thank you for still making some! I really wish we could play more on the Mac.

  4. Stefanie says:

    How long does the game take to download because I have purchased it however it has been 30 minutes and the game has only downloaded 0.1/2.3 GB

  5. Kurai says:

    I’m thinking of purchasing “Shadow at Water’s Edge” (Game 1 of 3 available for Mac!) on Steam. On ‘Requirements’, it only lists Mac OSX, Mountain Lion, and Snow Leopard. Will it possibly work on El Capitan (Apple’s new ‘operating system’) or will I never get to play any Nancy Drew games..? (Considering that barely are for Mac and nothing else will run).

  6. Sage says:

    I have been trying to install Labyrinth of Lies on my MacBook Pro. The download was successful but for some reason the installer wont open when I click on it. My operating system is Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8, is this possibly too old? If not, what else can I do about this?

  7. Slava says:

    Apple hasn’t changed the requirements for OS X in a number of years, many of these Macs are now seven to eight years old.

  8. Mallory C says:

    I’m trying to install an old disc of Treasure in the Royal Tower on my Mac. I have an updated version of Yosemite but when I put the cd in, I just get a dozen or so different folders all saying that they can’t be opened because I don’t have an application that will open any of them.

  9. Brooke says:

    I have the mac OS Sierra will that version work? It keeps saying its installed but I can’t find it on my laptop

  10. Amy says:

    I’m having issues with getting the games to work on a new Mac running with OS Sierra. I’ve tried both a digital download (which has worked on previous versions of OS), and 2 different new installs from CD’s (Shattered Medallion & Sea of Darkness).

    The installer advises the game has installed properly. But when I attempt to open the game, it gives an error saying it “quit unexpectedly”. I’ve attempted multiple downloads, and it’s always the same thing.

    Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

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