Interview with IT Admin, Larry

We interviewed our IT administrator, Larry! He makes sure all of our computers, servers, software and everything technical works properly and is kept up to date. We can't do what we do without him!

Her Interactive: How long have you worked at Her Interactive?

Larry: I started on a “snow day” in November 2010. Me and my manager were the only people to come in that day, lol. Previously, I worked in the finance and aerospace industires. The game industry is totally new to me.

Her Interactive: If you could invent a gadget or machine, what would it be called and what would it do?

Larry: The Ronco Personal Teleporter-O’matic…self explanatory 🙂


Her Interactive: If you could travel anywhere and do anything, where would you go and what would you do?  

Larry: If by “do anything” you’re implying guaranteed success, then go to Nepal and Climb Mt. Everest

Her Interactive: If you were the main character of a video game, who would you be and what is your story or mission?

Larry: It would definitely be an auto racing game…I’d be a driver on the F1 circuit.

Her Interactive: What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Either in real life or from the ice cream parlor in Alibi in Ashes?

Larry: Minty Madness aka Mint Chip Ice Cream.

Her Interactive: What is your favorite movie?

Larry: Really tough question. I can’t get pick an order of my top 5.  Goodfellas, Airplane, The Godfather, The Matrix, Apocalypse Now.

Her Interactive: Do you have a favorite saying or quote?

Larry: “Stop thinking…let things happen…and be…the ball.”

Her Interactive: If you attended a murder mystery dinner party, which character would you most likely be?

·         The Culprit

·         The Victim

·         The Innocent Dinner Guest

·         The Inspector

Larry: The Innocent Dinner Guest


-Thank you Larry for taking the time to share with us!

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