Patch – The Final Scene: Simone’s Purse, Stuck in Projector Room, and Installer

A single patch is available to correct these three problems:

1) Unable to close Simone’s purse when Closed-Captioning is disabled.

2) Modify/Repair/Remove window is displayed when installing The Final Scene on computers with Treasure in a Royal Tower already installed.

3) Confined to Projector Room on Day 3.

Please download and install the following patch to resolve all of three these problems. click on the attached file hi-installpatch.exe and select ‘Run from this Location’ or ‘Open’ to install the update to your game.



15 responses to “Patch – The Final Scene: Simone’s Purse, Stuck in Projector Room, and Installer”

  1. Susan Dugger says:

    the hi installpatch will not work.

  2. Susan Dugger says:

    the patch will not work .

  3. Nat says:

    If the patch doesn’t work, another thing you can do is press “second chance”. You’ll appear back in the basement. Make sure you beat the card game this time before you go up. Then, you’ll be able to exit the projector room!

    I was enjoying the puzzles in the game, then got distracted by this puzzle. It was almost like part of the game to figure it out, hahaha.

  4. susan dugger says:

    i finally got it to work.

  5. Meg says:

    When I try the patch it says it was not successful. . . tried toggling closed captioning on and off, but that didn’t work. . . also tried 2nd chance but we already played the card game. . .help!

  6. Patricia Agostinho says:

    I made the phone calls and it cut off. I can’t read the conversation because it’s ending too fast. Ita glitchy. It need to be fixed.

  7. Mia says:

    Downloaded patch for final scene and ran it. Nothing changed in the game. I am still stuck at Simone’s purse and cannot leave

  8. Nissa Dipalma says:

    I am stuck in the projector room. I tried everything! Please help the patch did not work.

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