Patch – Secrets Can Kill: Flower Puzzle in Aunt Eloise’s Safe

The flower puzzle in Aunt Eloise’s safe appears as a blank wooden box with nothing inside. No sliding puzzle pieces are available.

If you do not see any puzzle pieces, please download and install the ndsck1.exe patch by taking the following steps.

1. Download attached file: ndsck1.exe

2. Save the file to the Secrets Can Kill game folder on your computer (usually C:Nancy DrewSecrets Can Kill, Vista users may have created a SCK game folder in your Documents folder).

3. After the file has saved, go to the Secrets Can Kill game folder and double-click on the ndsck1.exe file.

4. A pop-up window will appear with a message asking you if you want to overwrite the game.exe file. Select Yes and wait for the file to update and then close the window.

5. Restart the game and the Flower Puzzle pieces should now be available.



6 responses to “Patch – Secrets Can Kill: Flower Puzzle in Aunt Eloise’s Safe”

  1. Madona Joseph says:


    I am unable to download the attached file. When I click on the file to download it, it takes me to another page that says “page not found” and if I right click on the file, the only options I am given is to open/save the link which clearly does not work. Please help. I purchased this game and am not able to move forward in the game without opening this box.


  2. I want to play the secret can kill flower puzzle in aunt elosie safe.

  3. Abby Schellhase says:

    I saved and downloaded the file with no issues but when I got to open it then it says “This app can’t run on your PC.”

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