Patch – Legend of the Crystal Skull: Mushroom Missing from Inventory

A patch is available to correct this problem:

During the mushroom hunt, the inventory shows only 4 mushrooms, even though 5 have been collected.

***This update will work for both the CD and Digital Download versions of the game.***

Sometimes a mushroom has been overlooked or not actually taken and added to the inventory during the hunt. Be sure to check each location again to make sure that each mushroom has been taken and is no longer available.

If no mushrooms remain to be collected and the inventory still shows only 4 mushrooms, download and install the patch to the Legend of the Crystal Skull game folder.

CRYUpdater 1.0.1.exe

If you continue to encounter any problems with the inventory not updating to show all 5 mushrooms, email for further assistance.

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3 responses to “Patch – Legend of the Crystal Skull: Mushroom Missing from Inventory”

  1. Wendy Lindberg says:

    I have tried downloading that and it is not working. It still shows only 4 mushrooms. How can this be resolved? Do I have to start all over? Please let me know, thank you..

  2. amy says:

    how do u beat the store what eles go on the shelf??????

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