How to run Dxdiag

You may need to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Dxdiag) to check your system requirements or performance, or to send to Tech Support for help resolving a problem.

1) To run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:
Windows Vista/Windows 7: Go to Start Menu > type "dxdiag" in the Search Bar, and hit the ENTER key.
Windows XP: Go to Start Menu > Run > type "dxdiag" in the Open Bar. Click OK.
2) The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will run. It will take a few moments to complete – you can watch the green progress bar in the left-hand corner.
(If asked about WHQL Certification, click No or Cancel.)

3) Once the Tool has finished, the progress bar will disappear. Click the Save All Information button. This will bring up a Save window. Click Save.
4) You have saved a new text file called Dxdiag to your Desktop.

For help with a Tech Support problem, please send this Dxdiag file as an email attachment to

Tead more about using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool at this link (external Microsoft link).

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4 responses to “How to run Dxdiag”

  1. Nance says:

    Hello Little Jackalope,
    I have ran DxDiag, and it says I have 64-bit Unicode and DirectX 12. And every time I try
    to play an older ND game, like DAN, I get an
    error message among the lines: Unable to find
    DirectX device. I just would like to find out how to run DirectX in 32-bit Unicode to get my older ND games running. These games are digital downloads, and I have a Windows 10.
    You’re the best!

  2. Clarissa B says:

    i am having the same issue I JUST BOUGHT Nancy drew 2 pack Shadow at the water’s edge and Trail of the Twister and I get an error code that says this verion of DirectX isn’t supported which by the way pisses me off…. so what I can’t play my brand new just opened game??????

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