What is Cosplay?

Cosplay takes Halloween to a whole new level of FUN! Cosplay is the act of dressing up as a character or concept and sometimes, it can be even more than just dressing up as your favorite character. Some cosplayers may even ‘role-play’ as their character as well! By copying their mannerisms, speech, and gestures, cosplay can go above and beyond cosplay costumes!

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Cosplay is More Than A Costume!

Besides the textbook definition of cosplay and cosplay costumes, what does it really mean to immerse yourself within a character? When cosplaying, you may have to ask why you are choosing the character/concept to cosplay as. Do you relate to them? Are you inspired by them? Is this your way of connecting to their story? By cosplaying someone or something, it may bring you one step closer to being in that character’s “universe” if you will. When cosplaying something out of your favorite video game, you may have already felt like you truly were that character when playing, and to bring it one step further by cosplaying them? Sign me up! The same goes for when you cosplay anything from your favorite Nancy Drew game! It can help you to become that character or concept and really immerse yourself in their world. It can be how they walk, talk, or even just what they represent can help you fully become what you are cosplaying! Through cosplay, you can be whoever or whatever you want to be, making it even more fun!

Cosplay costumes
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Cosplay Costumes & Nancy Drew Coming Together

When it comes to Nancy Drew cosplay, the options. Are. ENDLESS! I quite literally just went through each game in attempts to find “outside the box” cosplays and came up with over 90 different ideas! From different members of the Penvellyn family to your favorite character from Karl’s Raid, you could dress up as a different character from Nancy Drew just about every day of the year! The games themselves contain over 300 characters! Who do you think you could cosplay?

Nancy Drew Cosplay Costumes
Cosplay Costumes Nancy Drew

How Do I Get Started With Cosplay Costumes?

By now, even writing this is making me want to get into the cosplay of Brigitte Penvellyn with telescope and all! Maybe even Hotchkiss as a reason to have a drumstick or two (or 50… kidding!). If you too are thinking of ideas for your next cosplay, look no further! We have been working hard on putting together an entire board for you all in order to find inspiration, ideas and materials for all the Nancy Drew cosplay you can think of! You can find that HERE!

 31 Days of Cosplay Contest!

If you are interested in putting your own Nancy Drew cosplay together this month, we invite you to send your submissions in for our 31 Days of Cosplay Contest! You can learn more details about how to enter the contest HERE on the different categories of the contest and how to submit your cosplay! These cosplays can consist of anything from the games, and we mean ANYTHING! From your favorite character, bento box treats, to just about any other concept in the Nancy Drew games we know and love. Here are the following categories for the contest:

1. Makeup + Special Effects: show off your cosplay skills with movie makeup or special effects. Example: dress up as the Creature from Castle Malloy. (Picture or Video submission. One winner chosen.)

2. Best Costume: this could be the most Nancy Drew themed, the funniest, or the most creative costume. Example: you could be Professor Hotchkiss eating 50 chicken wings or the sword Nancy brings Ned from Iceland. (Picture or Video submission. One winner chosen.)

3. Video Submission: create any costume but present it in a creative video form. (One winner chosen.)

Cosplay costumes

Each winner of the three categories has the possibility of winning some AMAZING prizes! After reading this … are you ready to cosplay?! Who or what do YOU think you could cosplay next? The Nancy Drew “Drewniverse” allows you endless ideas of cosplay fun! We look forward to seeing all your submissions and happy cosplaying! 

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