Category 1: Snacks and Appetizers Winner

Evelyn R.

Inspired by Shadow at the Water’s Edge

“Bento sushi rice animals need a nice garden made with green bean, ham, seaweed, strawberry due to of the lock down order. Life can be challenging during this time, but it’s all good as long as I have Nancy Drew game and a beautiful garden at home.”




Category 2: Main Course

Liz C.

Spaghetti inspired by: Danger by Design!

“I’m entering this into the main course category. I spent about 8 hours cooking, dying and arranging spaghetti noodles to create this “painting”.”






Category 3: Dessert or Baked Goods

Candace L.

Secret of the Old Clock Lilac Inn Cherry Pie









Category 4: Healthy Food Fun

Rebecca B.

“Some vegan Israeli couscous to satisfy Professor Hotchkiss’ “powerful craving,” (because who says healthy food can’t be as comforting as 50 drumsticks?)

From Treasure in the Royal Tower, an adventure that inspired me during my own move to Wisconsin.”






Category 5: Midnight in Salem


“Midnight in Salem Johnny Cup Cakes – my take on the Johnny cakes, complete with a syrup shot.”





Winners: Stay tuned for an email or direct message from HeR Interactive on Monday!

Thanks to all who participated! Stay tuned for future contests!

** Honorable Mentions **


There were soooo many terrific entries, that we simply needed to share some of them for all to see! Check out our honorable mentions below!


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