Join us in a Summer Cook-Off Celebration!

    July 2 – August 16, 2020

Nancy Drew Games has been serving up great food puzzles and food locations for over 20 years. We love it when fans play our games, then try their hand at making their own food dishes inspired by our games and the foods that detective Nancy Drew loves!

Nancy Drew Games Summer Cook-Off Celebration Cooking Games


Categories to Enter:

  1. Snacks/Appetizers (Examples: fruit and cheese trays, popcorn)
  2. Main Course (cooking, sandwiches, etc)
  3. Desserts/Baked Goods (breads, ice creams, pies, etc.)
  4. Healthy Game Food Fun (typical foods made with healthier ingredients, vegetarian options, etc.)
  5. Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem theme – any food imaginable that can relate to this game.


Each Category wins this Prize Package:

  • $250 Williams Sonoma Gift Card
  • One Nancy Drew “Foodie” T-shirt from Teespring
  • One Nancy Drew “Foodie” mug from Teespring


Additional Entry Rules and Guidelines

  • Foods must be your creation and they must be homemade.
  • All food and drink items in your entry must have a Nancy Drew Game theme. You may re-create a food found within Nancy Drew Games, or create a food that is inspired by the Nancy Drew Games. For example, you might make a pizza for The Phantom of Venice, even though there is no pizza found in the game, because it is Italian-themed.
  • Foods and drinks must be real.
  • Pictures from past contests or sweepstakes that we have sponsored are not eligible for entry into the Contest.


What and Where to Submit. Please submit your photo or video entry via one of the following methods:

  1. Post to our Facebook page (facebook.com/nancydrewpcgames)
  2. Post to our Twitter account @HeRInteractive
  3. Email it to us at contest@herinteractive.com


Each entry must include:

  • One picture or video of your food
  • The hashtag #NancyDrewGamesCooking
  • The name or quick description of your food
  • The game your food is themed after (we will accept game numbers/abbreviations/acronyms)
  • The category(ies) you are entering; please feel free to refer to them by their numbers indicated above


Click here to go to the official contest rules page. to enter and for the official contest page.

Nancy Drew Games Summer Cook Off Contest




Need a bit of inspiration? We can help you!

  • Check out our YouTube cooking playlist featuring our own HeR Interactive team who show you how to make, bake, mix, and assemble these in-game foods in real life! Give these recipes a try!



  • Check out our list of all the Nancy Drew Games foods here! An expansive list with accompanying pictures (ok, we might have missed a few, if so, let us know).

Nancy Drew Games Summer Cook-Off Celebration Cooking Games

  • Check out our Top 5 Cooking Games here! Do these foods look tasty? Learn more about the mystery at hand, then download and play a game where you get to indulge in some food fun!

Nancy Drew Games Summer Cook-Off Celebration Cooking Games