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25th Special Edition Milestone Reached in Latest PC/MAC Adventure Game from Her Interactive

BELLEVUE, Wash., October 18, 2011 – A Leading video game publisher and developer Her Interactive today announced the launch of the 25th edition of Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes for PC and Mac and its immediate availability in all major retail stores and at for $19.99. In this all-new Nancy Drew adventure, a local contest turns into an arson scene and deceit now smolders among the charred ruins of the River Heights Town Hall. Police have several suspects, but well-placed incriminating evidence and poisonous local gossip have compelled authorities to make only one arrest: Nancy Drew. Can you, as the teenage detective, and her closest friends catch the real arsonist and extinguish the accusations among the embers?

“Our extremely talented development team has raised the bar in terms of graphics and storylines for this 25th special edition,” stated Stuart Moulder, CEO, Her Interactive. “Our fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Alibi in Ashes since first hearing that Nancy Drew would be returning to her hometown of River Heights. I believe that we’ve succeeded in giving our loyal fans a great gameplay experience while expanding the legacy that is Nancy Drew.”

Key features include:

  • Play as Nancy Drew and explore her hometown of River Heights
  • Assume the roles of Nancy and her friends Bess, George, and Ned
  • Identify fingerprints at the local police lab
  • Pursue multiple lines of inquiry as the clues vary depending on which character is in play
  • Collect evidence and narrow the suspects
  • Visit the Drew home and explore Nancy’s room
  • Hunt for clues to find the real arsonist
  • Save Nancy’s reputation before it goes up in smoke

“The release of the 25th special edition of the adventure series represents a major milestone for Her Interactive,” said Megan Gaiser, Chief Creative Strategy Officer (CCSO), Her Interactive. “The Nancy Drew adventure series has set the gold standard in mystery adventure games, boasting over 9 million copies sold. Alibi in Ashes gives our fans added depth and brings each character to life as players try to discover who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. Players get the experience of an addictive mystery novel, while the interactive element takes it to a deeper level as information is gathered while playing as four different characters.”

If you take a risk that ends badly, don’t worry; you won’t have to start over. The game will automatically return players to the point before the fatal mistake. Alibi in Ashes also features two difficulty settings, Junior and Senior Detective, to allow players of all skill levels to solve the mystery.

About Her Interactive:

Her Interactive is the leading mystery-maker and pioneer of fun and inspiring interactive entertainment. The company, with 24 awards to its name, designs, develops and publishes high-quality, mystery adventure games and apps, and is the world leader in the mystery games category. Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew games have sold more than 9 million copies. This success, in part, is buoyed by the ever-increasing numbers of girls and women becoming avid game players. Nancy Drew players now include moms who have introduced their daughters to the girl detective, making her one of history’s longest-running iconic figures spanning generations. As the number-one PC mystery franchise since 2004, unit sales of the Nancy Drew series have exceeded those of Harry Potter, Myst and Tomb Raider.

More information about the company and the Nancy Drew games can be found at Find Her Interactive on Facebook at, or follow Her Interactive on Twitter – @HerInteractive.

About Nancy Drew:

Nancy Drew debuted in 1930 and is still going strong. She is a smart, independent, gutsy and resourceful teen detective who can crack even the toughest case. Published in 22 languages and with more than 100 million copies in print worldwide, Nancy Drew has engaged readers and served as a role model globally for generations.


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