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#1 Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies

SOLD OUT. Digital downloads available for purchase.


Show off your detective skills at the Greek Amphitheater

• Thread your way through a maze of deceit.

• Learn about Greek gods and symbols.





#2 Nancy Drew: Resorting to Danger!

SOLD OUT. Digital downloads available for purchase.


Mystery Games

• Defuse an explosive situation at an exclusive resort!

• Uncover up to six endings.






#3 Nancy Drew: Lights, Cameras, Curses!

Less than 20 left


Visit the set to determine if this is a curse or sabotage

• Seek the source of sabotage on a Hollywood set!

• Earn enough points to unlock an alternate ending.






#4 Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Less than 50 left


Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device - Screenshot

• Discover true facts about Nikola Tesla, an eccentric physicist and inventor.

• Solve ingenious puzzles!






#5 Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion

Less than 100 left


• Collect medallion pieces by beating other reality TV teams in a series of contests.

• Take on teams of competitive contestants!






#6 Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Less than 125 left


Nancy Drew Character: Karl

• Escape the clutches of a legendary monster!

• Learn about the Grimm fairy tales.






#7 Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes

Less than 150 left


Work with your allies to solve the mystery of who set fire to the town hall

• Escape the smoky intrigue of a hometown inferno!

• Play as four characters.






Solve a modern-day arson case and how it is connected to the historic Salem witch trials in Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem!#8 Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

Add the latest Nancy Drew game to your bookshelf collection!


scary games for kids

• Discover the plight of the accused witches.

• Join the Hardy Boys in this spooky investigation in Salem!








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