Dana L.

Dear Her Interactive,

December 25, 2005 is when our lives changed. It was Christmas night and we popped “The Haunted Carousel” into the computer. When the first screen came on, we were amazed and in disbelief. Playing the game was a captivating, thrilling and unforgettable experience – one we will never forget. We were instantly hooked and entered a new world that we loved – puzzles, mystery, a beautiful environment that held fascinating characters, an intriguing plot and exciting music. The music brought each scene to life and seemed to be crafted by an artist who we would easily call “genius” and “infinitely gifted”.

Each available game was quickly purchased and played with the same amazement and enjoyment. We were addicted and were provided with countless hours of family entertainment that brought us closer together and allowed us to have a positive, common interest. Our enthusiasm grew with the release of each new game, but we still had our favorites – Treasure in the Royal Tower, Shadow Ranch, Old Clock, Blue Moon Canyon and of course, the classic – Blackmoor Manor – the pinnacle of perfection. Blackmoor Manor, in our opinion, offers numerous fascinating puzzles, a riveting plot, scary moments, memorable character,s a gorgeous environment and of course, the music – sheer genius.

We cannot accurately put into words how much we love all of the games. Each game in the series has been played over and over. We wait anxiously in anticipation for each new game release – knowing we can add a new classic to our complete library. (My personal favorite is Resorting to Danger). My family listens to the Nancy Drew music every day, quizzes each other on Nancy Drew game trivia and are always in the midst of playing at least two of the games.

Thanks to Her Interactive for forever changing our lives for the better. Signed – Nancy Drew Fans Forever

Dana L.

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