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Christmas and Holiday Season 2018

‘Tis the season for all the great holidays bundled up together! We just finished Thanksgiving (so much good food!) and now we are into the Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year’s eve party season. Today we began our sale on a few Nancy Drew gifts. (Honestly – I really want all the puzzles for Christmas, […]

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Cookie Winners and Honorable Mentions

The office has voted! Check out our winners and honorable mentions for the Nancy Drew Cookies Contest here!   As for me, I made some “cookies” over the Christmas break! These gingerbread houses are very simple… and I miscalculated how many sides were needed and totally forgot to make a roof for the one on […]

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Day Two Twitch: The Deadly Device

In case you missed last night’s party, here it is on YouTube: Hope to see you tonight as we continue The Deadly Device! Join us here. Also, don’t forget about the Cookie Contest! I’ve only seen a few entries come in so far. 😉 We posted this ridiculous meme today. Because I’m also a Star […]

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Cookies and Merch Sales!

Get out your baking and decorating kits! Learn more here. And we have started our Christmas merchandise sale! Shop t-shirts on Amazon here. Shop soundtracks here. Shop Journals here. Shop books here. Shop Puzzles here. And we have a new interview up on the podcast! No weekend puzzle this, sorry! (I’ve been so busy getting […]

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The Haunted Carousel, Day 2

Yesterday’s Twitch party was unfortunately choppy, lagging, and froze a few times. How annoying! However, our stream recorded alright, so we uploaded that to our YouTube Channel. You can also watch it here: Tonight we shall continue where we left off and try the party again. If we continue to have issues, then we shall […]

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Cookie Inspiration and Fishing

Anyone have a great idea for the cookie contest this year? Even though I can’t enter (because I work here) I am trying to think up an original KoKo Kringle-style cookie recipe. So far crisped rice just doesn’t sound too great in a cookie… haha. If any of you want some inspiration, you can look […]

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A Cookie Tradition

Hey all! We have begun our annual Christmas & Holiday cookie contest! This time it lasts until January. My own family’s favorite tradition is to make a few dozen assorted cookies. Yum. You can learn more about the contest here. -Little Jackalope

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Cookie Winners & Snooping

We have announced our Cookie Contest winners today! Check them out and see some honorable mentions on our contest page here! This week I’ve been rummaging around the latest game we are working on (Sea of Darkness) to listen to some audio clips and look for potential things to share with you. But I got […]

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Last Cookie Days

Hey all! Hope you had a great Christmas! Did any of you receive any Nancy Drew games? Or perhaps Nancy Drew merchandise, like a T-shirt or a key chain or stuff? Over the weekend I’ve seen more cookie entries come in for our contest. May I remind you that we only have a couple days […]

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Weekend Cookies (And Puzzle #261)

I’ve already made some Christmas cookies with my own family this weekend, but since I work at her Interactive, I can’t win the prizes for the contest (which is ok by me). However, I have the privilege of sharing with you some of the awesome entries we have been receiving, in case you haven’t seen […]

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