Smart and Sassy People

Today’s March Madness match-up on our Facebook page is Dierdre Shannon vs. Mason Quinto. I think this is a fair match-up! Both of these individuals are smart, and they can also get easily upset with people. Dierdre is so sassy and Mason is quite uptight. You could either be completely annoyed with them for these reasons, or love them for their quirks, their sass, and their higher intelligence…. or so they would rate themselves.

When I checked just now, Dierdre is currently in the lead by 50 points, which means anytime tonight Mason could take the lead. It’s a neck-in-neck competition! We shall see who truly wins tomorrow…

Today’s in-the-office news: We have just begun our introductory meeting for ND#33. We got the overview, characters, story, themes, locations, environments and more from our design team here, and I do believe the artists have already started their research for picture inspiration. Our Character designer has already started on the characters’ looks!

On my end of things, I finished the puzzle portion of the strategy guide today — a day early. Whoo! Next week I begin the character bios (the written portion) and some video capture for the trailer.

We have a fan birthday to celebrate!


-Little Jackalope

Something for SEA will be shared…tomorrow .

10 responses to “Smart and Sassy People”

  1. Karesha2 says:

    Thanks LJ. Also since you guys are talking about ND33 you guys already found the new Nancy Drew?

  2. LS says:

    Mason vs. Dierdre is such a hard one — I love both of those characters!

    By the way, is there a place where those of us who don’t have Facebook can keep up with the current March Madness standings?

  3. NANCYGEEK says:

    Yay!!!!! Everyday it’s closer… I can’t wait!!!!!! I’m super excited for it!!!

  4. Angela says:

    That’s great! 🙂 Yes Dee D- Deirdre, certainly is known for her sass. “Sassy Dee”.

  5. Carlahna says:

    Hi LJ,
    You’ve ALREADY started work on the next game?! Whoa, you guys at Her Interactive must an incomplete dictionary there that excludes the word ‘lethargy’ and all of it’s synonyms and related words, cause I don’t think any of you know the definition of not working.

    I can’t wait for Sea of Darkness you hardworking, awesome people! 😀

  6. Janel says:

    Hi there! Can you give a birthday shout out to my brother Bobby on April 1st? (April Fools Day!)His favorite game is Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. (Sorry this is so early, I didn’t want to forget as it came closer.) Thanks!

  7. Ally says:

    I can’t wait to read them!

  8. Zara K. says:

    Deirdre vs. Mason, who’s it gonna be?? I definitely agree. They are quite alike, it’s actually kind of frightening. And WOW, that is quick. You guys just jump right to it, dontcha? Keep up the great blogging!
    – Zara <3

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