Fan Reviews for Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED

We made Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED for the fans.  We wanted them to be able to play the very first game in the series so they could see where we started 12 years ago.  In the remastered version of the game, we stayed true to the plot and overall experience of the game, but we added a few “modern amenities” such as updated graphics, 3D characters, the new UI, and no more disc switching.  Of course, the real reason to replay the game is to see the new ending!!!  We also threw in references to some of our older games and a lot of 80s for Nancy Drew’s 80th anniversary.  We believe the game we created is Secrets Can Kill if it had been made this year and we’re quite proud of it and think that our fans will love our game too.

So what do the fans think?  Here are a few reviews from our message board:

“I just LOVED SCK re-mastered! It was pretty much a perfect Nancy Drew game. I totally recommend this game for new ND players and older ones. This game was classic Nancy Drew through and through which was awesome. ”     ~mermaid979

“This game was relatively short. In a 5 hour span I beat it both on JR and SR. I really liked it because of the memories it brought back for me. I think this would be a good starting game for people new to ND because it is far simpler than most of the others. If you are debating buying it than I say go ahead. If you liked the first then you will like this one. One more thing…. NO CHANGING DISKS! That was one of the best parts!”     ~Lizzpuff

“Wow. This game is remarkable. I love the original SCK, and this is a splendid tribute to it. It is a wonderful game, that pays homage to the amazing original that started the spectacular series we know and love. It has it all; a delicious murder mystery plot, a setting nothing short of perfect, intriguing characters, and that classic feeling that is Nancy Drew. So, do I recommend it? How many times can I say yes before running out of characters? well, anyway, yes. Go, go get lost in the web of murder, secrets, and mystery that is; Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED ♥”     ~winky1307

What are your thoughts on the new Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED game?

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  1. Lawrence Anderson says:

    I love all the Nancy Drew games. Secrets can kill is a lot of fun, but I’m stuck and don’t know where to go for help. The walkthroughs don’t help, both the written ones and video’s. Please give me a contact.
    Thank You

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