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#18 Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice


Game Story

Nancy Drew®: The Phantom of Venice

Infiltrate a Carnevale of Criminals in Italy! Somewhere beyond the bright piazzas and open markets of the Venice Carnevale lurks a masked thief. Despite months of investigations, the Italian police remain helpless as stolen treasures vanish in the night. That’s why the authorities asked you, as detective Nancy Drew, to join the case to infiltrate a dangerous crime syndicate and catch this phantom thief before he or she destroys the heart of Venice in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice!


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Game Features

  • Master Italian as you dig for clues
  • Create a fashion statement or a new disguise
  • Deal out the fun in the Italian card game Scopa
  • Choose from junior or senior detective difficulty levels


Available On

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ESRB Rating:




10 to Adult



Retail Release July 2008


Operating System:

Windows® XP/Vista/7


Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1 GHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 1 GB or more of hard drive space
  • 32 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
  • 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card
  • 24X CD-ROM drive, mouse, and speakers

Game Assets

“Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is a strong addition to the teenage sleuth’s catalogue of mystery games. If you’re new to the series, you may think it a better choice for your daughter than yourself, but the story is mature enough and the puzzles sufficiently challenging that adult players will find it at least as entertaining as their children. If you’re on the hunt for a fun and stimulating point-and-click adventure, look no further. “ ~Gamezebo

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“It’s clear that the people at Her Interactive love making these games – and as a result, it’s hard for the player not to love them, too.” ~Just Adventure


“Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is a wonderful game that is well worth the attention and dollars of anyone even remotely interested in modern point-and-click adventures. As I have said time and time again, do not be confused into thinking this and other Nancy Drew games are only good for children and young teens. They are quality entertainment for anyone who enjoys adventuring and puzzle solving. This latest installment is among the best of the bunch, and anyone who has been missing out on this great series must consider picking it up.” ~Adventure Classic Gaming

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One of the Best

Jun 18, 2014 by SpyGirl

The Phantom of Venice is one of my favorite games. There's something about it that's so exciting and it's loads of fun each time I play it. My review will be categorized.

Graphics: 10/10 Okay, so they're not what new games' graphics are, but for me they're still fantastic. Character movements are good, scenes are very realistic. Action scenes are excellent too, and there are lots of them.

Plot: 10/10 How can one resist? Nancy Drew working undercover with international police. The suspects, culprit(s), and motives are all superb. At the end when all is explained by Nancy, everything makes sense, unlike a couple other games. Love this plot to say the least.

Setting: 10/10 Oh Venice. A city that welcomes you into this adventure. I love it when games make you feel like you're really in that city or area...VEN does just that.

Soundtrack: 10/10 "Mattinatta" and "Tourist" are my favorite tracks. So beautiful.

Characters: 10/10 Great personalities. Everyone looks so suspicious. They are all so fun to talk to as well. I look forward to Helena's witty choice of words, Margerhita's funny comments sprinkled with her her thick Italian accent and Enrico's deep-throated "Scopa!"

Activities: 10/10 I normally call this section "Puzzles", but since there are virtually no puzzles in this game (maybe two, and they're easy). There are many activities in this game, which is something I like. Trying to dodge the vision of security cameras, fighting angry bees, winning a hand of Scopa, getting out of the way of a falling vase, assembling a colorful mosaic (just to name a few!) So much fun!

Gameplay: 10/10 Smoooooth. Just when you think you're about to say, "Okay, I've done all my tasks, so I'm about to get stuck and wander around to find what I missed." You're asked to do something else. That terrible phrase I mentioned above never exists in VEN. I REALLY like that.

Overall: 10/10 Espionage, a mysterious phone character, fun suspects, a daring crime ring, a beautiful setting, a caped figure who "darts around moonlit canals" and "melts mist-like into the shadows".....this game is fantastic! A highly recommended title in the series.

By Far My #1 Pick!

Apr 30, 2014 by Elizabeth B.

This is definitely my #1 favorite Nancy Drew game!! Here are the reasons why -

Plot- 10/10
I mean, seriously?! Nancy goes to Venice, Italy, to catch a thief..who's stealing not money, but art?!? Classic ND! I personally think the plot was extremely well-laid out and developed very wonderfully. It draws you right into the mystery!
Characters- 8/10
I think the characters were awesome in this game, the only reason I give them an 8 is because I wish there was at least 1 more...there are only 3 characters you can really talk to and find out their back-story and whatnot. Enrico doesn't really count as a character per se, because you can only play game...after game...after game of scopa with him, and that's pretty much it. :P As for phone characters, you get to call Prudence Rutherford, as she's the one who called you to solve it. I've never been a huge Prudence fan, but she's pretty funny, so I do enjoy talking to her. And of course, you get to call Ned, though sometimes he's away from his phone, but he happens to be staying at Frank & Joe's! Frank's away, but you get to talk to Joe, which was very exciting for me personally, because he's hilarious! :)
Puzzles/Minigames- 7/10
There were a good amount of puzzles in this game, which is great, but unless you're up for using spoilers or at least hints, I might not recommend this game. 2 of them, are honestly, ridiculously hard, unless you have a spoiler. Part of it could just be me though, since I'm really bad at puzzles. :P I loved playing scopa though! :D
Graphics- 9/10
Since this is an "older" game, obviously the graphics aren't quite as good as, say, GTH or SPY, but they are still very good, and they are fantastic for that time they were done. :D
Soundtrack- 10/10
I LOVE THIS SOUNDTRACK!!!!! CAP's soundtrack will probably always be my #1 favorite, but VEN's is a very close #2. It really captures the Italian essence to it, and makes you feel like you're really in Venice!
Environments/Atmosphere/Spook Factor-
There are quite a few places you can go in this game, and lots to explore, so that's always a plus. And it's REALLY fun to ride the gondolas and listen to them sing. I spent probably over 100 euros on the gondolas before! :P
This is definitely not a scary game, so if you're like me and get freaked out really easily, this is a great game! It's definitely suspenseful though, which I love! :) It has a real detective vibe to it, very mysterious, and keeps you on your toes every second of the game. It also has a lot of surveillance, so it has a slight 'spy-ish' element to it, which is really intriguing! :D
Snooping- 10/10
There is a HIGH amount of snooping in this game, which is essential in a great Nancy Drew game! I also love the fact that there's surveillance in this game, because it kind of incorporates the spy feel to it as well, which makes it feel more sneaky! Is it bad I love that so much?? ;)
Ending (Spoiler Free!)- 7/10
I'll admit, the ending isn't my favorite, because it needs to be more action-packed, in my opinion, but the culprit choice was perfect! It kept me guessing right up until the end!
Overall- 9/10
This is an amazing game, and I pretty much would recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries! It has a few minor flaws, and in my opinion, 2 of the characters were fairly underdeveloped, but this is still a really fabulous game. Kudos, HeR! Thank you for reading this review! -Elizabeth

5.0 5.0 2 2 The Phantom of Venice is one of my favorite games. There's something about it that's so exciting and it's loads of fun each time I play it. My review will be categorized.Graphi Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

Colin Baxter

Colin is restoring the Ca’Nascosta for very little money, even though he’s one of the best in his field. He claims to love art and works for near nothing because it is his passion. His job allows him to gain access to valuable artifacts – would he steal the treasures and sell them on the black market?


Nancy Drew Character: Colin



La Contessa Margherita Fauberg

Recently widowed, Margherita purchased the Ca’Nascosta to cement her status as a Venetian socialite. Her spending habits may have caused her to fall upon hard times. Would she do anything to stay in her circle of wealthy friends – including the theft and sale of priceless artifacts?


Nancy Drew Character: Margharita Fauberg



Helena Berg

Helena specializes in reporting high profile crimes. Ambitious and calculating, Helena is extremely knowledgeable about the failures and successes of crime rings, but is she telling everything she knows, or does she have her own agenda?



Nancy Drew Character: Helena



Enrico Tazza

Originally a guard for stolen goods, Enrico runs a private club called the Casa dei Giochi, but is it just a front for another crime ring? After all, he has the connections and the knowledge to steal the artifacts, so what’s stopping him?



Nancy Drew Character: Enrico



Antonio Fango

The prime suspect in the case, Mr. Fango installed modern conveniences for the houses where priceless artifacts were stolen. Unfortunately, authorities have no evidence against him. Is he committing crimes so perfectly that no clues are left behind?



Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice - Screenshot

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