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Download is too Slow, Interrupted, or Received 5001 Error

Digital Downloads for our games do not use a download manager. This means that it is important to allow the game file to completely download through your browser. Depending on which game you are downloading, even with a high-speed connection it can take several hours to download a 800 MB – 3 GB file.

Make sure to follow the Download Instructions to start your download correctly.

If your download is too slow, cuts out or drops before the file is completely downloaded, or if you receive Windows Error Code -5001 : 0x80070002, take these steps:

• Disable your browser's pop-up blocker
• Enable your browser to accept 3rd party cookies
• Use Internet Explorer on PC, and Safari on Mac
• Click the Begin Download button only once, then wait for download prompt to appear. Do not double-click.
• Each time the Begin Download button is clicked counts as a download attempt
• If a prompt appears giving the option to Save or Run, always choose Save

*Image shown using Internet Explorer. User experience may differ.

• Wait for the download to complete 100% before trying to install
• Download only one game at a time
• Browsing the internet or streaming content while downloading a game will significantly increase download times. Try to limit other online activity while downloading
• If you are on a wireless (wifi) connection, either switch to wired internet, or get as close to the wireless router as possible to avoid a lost signal