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CD vs DVD drive - How to find out which one you have

Our games on disc from #24 The Captive Curse and higher are on DVD-Rom. This means that you need a DVD drive on your computer to install them.

If the game disc for games #24 or higher appears blank or is not recognized by your computer, the problem is usually caused by putting a DVD disc into a CD-ROM drive.

Check to see if you have a CD or DVD drive on your computer.
1) Go to Start Menu > right-click Computer > Manage.
2) Click Device Manager. This brings up a list of all devices currently installed in your computer.
3) Double click on the device-name under DVD/CD-ROM drives. If it says DVD under Device Type, you can run games on DVD.

Another good way to check is to insert a DVD movie into your drive. If your computer can play a movie, it can play games on DVD.

If it does not say DVD, or if your computer will not play a DVD movie, your computer will not be able to read from the disc. At this point, you have a couple of options - you can purchase the game as a digital download, or upgrade to a new DVD drive. These drives are inexpensive, often available for $10-$30 depending on your system, the speed of the drive, and whether the drive is internal or external. If you decide to purchase a new DVD drive, we recommend consulting a technician to help you select and install the new drive.