New User Interface!

Nancy has started many of her cases at her desk, her center of operations, where you get to learn about how to play the game and where you first learn about the mystery. Now, with the release of Tomb of the Lost Queen, we are excited to announce a new UI! Check out the before and after shots between the UI in Alibi in Ashes, and the new UI comparison below.

Old Main Screen:

ASH Main Desk

Here is Nancy's Center of operations. How many times have you heard her say that? To begin your game, you had to click on the plane ticket or clue to start your case. Your inventory is accessed by clicking on the brown bag at the far left bottom of your screen, which is next to the journal. Your task list (if you play Junior Level) is in between the journal and your cell phone. Nancy's words (when she's talking to herself or when sound effects are shown) are displayed in the center on the black background. The black background completely surrounds the game play screen. On the bottom right you can find the Options button, the Load game, Save game, and Exit button. Have you ever accidently hit quit before saving?

New Main Screen:

TMB Main Screen

Here is the new main screen that you first arrive at! To show off a cool screenshot, we filled in the screen space, so that there is no black surrounding all sides except for the base where we introduce you to your options. It is more clear and simple to read and understand the game options since they are now in written form, rather than images you need to hover over.

Old Difficulty Screen:

ASH Game Difficulty

Once you clicked on your ticket, or clue in Alibi in Ashes, you are presented with the option of game play level. The police badges display Junior or Senior level.

New Difficulty Screen:

TMB Difficulty

In Tomb of the Lost Queen, once you click on "New Game" you are taken to the game difficulty options. You have a pair of magnifying glasses to choose from: Junior Level will now be "Amateur Sleuth", after all that is what Nancy calls herself often, and Senior Detective will now be "Master Sleuth." The differences are listed in the charts seen in the image above.

Old Options Menu:

Remember the options menu (clicking on the gear icon) in Alibi in Ashes?

ASH Options

New Options Screen:

TMB Options Menu

We have made a new menu bar where you can find all the buttons you need! By clicking on the magnifying glass "Menu" at the bottom left of your screen, you can save, load, exit, get help, adjust your options, and return to the main menu. No more accidently hitting the "Exit" button!

This new wood grain tool bar at the base of your screen displays, of course, the magnifying glass Menu button, then your cell phone on the left. In the center is your quick and easy-to-access inventory, where you can slide back and forth to see everything you have collected. Above your inventory is a black bar where you can read sound effects and Nancy's words when she talks to herself. To the right on the tool bar is your journal and task list, which rolls upwards for a better view, and then tucks back into the tool bar when you are finished. The task list has a special feature: when you check off a task, the finished tasks gravitates to the bottom, making room for the remaining tasks you have yet to complete at the top.

How do you like the new user interface? Stay tuned for the release of Tomb of the Lost Queen to experience this new update yourself! Happy Sleuthing!



We new interface is very BAD!!!Please back!


I like the new options and difficulty screens but I don't like the new entry screen. The colors, for the two I like, are bright and cheerful and I give the graphics and ease of understanding a ten. I can also see that the bottom of the screen while playing is different also and I really like the new format with the task list and tool etc.

The reason I dont like the new main screen is that it is no longer personal. We are not startig a new mystery from home we are just starting from a generic nothing screen. I really don't like it and I am very dissapointed that they removed the personality from the main area and made it so clinical and boring.

New IU

This will solve the problems she's had in past games. I was thrilled when Nancy starting using a cell phone. She no longer has to find a phone. Speed dial is the best. Now she has an inventory bar. A great feature. The finished task falling to the bottom will also help her not to overlook tasks. Will her phone still have the same features as in ASH? Thank you for all the new features. They will simply my playing with Nancy.

New Interface

There's nothing "wrong" with the new interface, but on general principle, I don't enjoy changing the look and feel of a series just for the heck of it. Or even the characters, for that matter. Bess and George keep changing their faces like they were Dr. Who. Even changing the levels from Junior and Senior to Amateur and Master isn't an improvement, it's just change for the sake of change, and will result in confusion, since some people will continue to use the old names).

The last time they changed the interface (after Kapu Cave), there were some definite improvements. This time it doesn't look better, just different. This makes it look and feel like some other adventure game series, which, when you've got a series with 26 games in it, you don't want to do.

That's not to say there are no improvements. A rudimentary task list on Senior Mode, and having finished tasks scroll to the bottom are both good. But changing the whole look and feel just makes it feel like a different game series, which is not a good thing.

All you get from this is less cohesion among the different games in the series, which ultimately makes it less interesting. It's funny, because I thought Her Interactive understood this point. Surely, that's the reason for sticking Koko Kringles everywhere, and having Nancy constantly finding items from old games. They tie all the games of the series closer together that way, and create a more unified whole. Hopefully they haven't forgotten this, and tried to make #26 look like #1 of a new series.


This is awesome! I can't count how many times I've accidenally hit the exit butten instead of save game! Also, I like that on the task list, the finished tasks will gravitate to the bottem, that will clear up a lot of un-necessary confusion and scrolling. Keep up the good work!


The new interface looks GREAT, so much better than even what it has been. Very chic but practical. I am SO excited for the game to launch!!

Love it!!!

That is incredibly awesome. I can't wait to try it out! I especially love the new tool bar at the bottom, it feels much "warmer" than the old one, and more integrated. Kind of takes me back to the really old games, with the stylized pocket watch to tell you the game-time, and all the curlicues...I loved that.

~Alice E.

New interface

I like it! It all looks very neat and easy to use!

New IU

I love all of your updates except for the first one--I love Nancy's desk and think it's cool. It's nice to have some things the same for each game. However, I guess it's cool, too, that for every new game there will be a new "home screen" that fits with the theme of the game.

My favorite change is that the checked off tasks will go to the bottom. Great idea!




Aww! Why do u guys keep changing UI's? I loved the UI from Haunting of Castle Malloy and have played EVERY SINGLE GAME and will REALLY miss not going to Nancy's Desk and clicking on the Senior Detective Badge :( Nancy Drew Games are losing all their classic charms from games 10-20. Please try to incorporate elements from those games bc there wasn't a single bad game in their mix :)

new interface

i think it will be a little weird with the new interface but none the less still cool. i may not like it at first but i remember when it was changed a while back i didn't like it but then i did in the least we wont have to hear nancy talkingh at the beggining of every new game:"here's my center of operations, my desk go ahead and look around...". anyway,look forward to playing it and keep up the good work!!:)

Great job!

Great job, Design Team! The new UI changes look great. To me, they have more of a video game "feel" and the updated look feels very contemporary. Looking forward to playing Tomb of the Lost Queen. Keep up the fabulous work, Her Interactive! We really appreciate it :)

The New Interface

I personally liked the way it is now (ICE through Alibi) and haven't had any problems with it. I think that the icons are fairly straight-foreward and don't think there's any problem of accidentally quitting without saving because we get an "are you sure?" prompt before the game is closed.
I feel like this new one looks too...kitschy and a little cliche. That's the way most games do format, making it more boring than starting at Nancy's desk, and it also looks more cartoonish, which doesn't really fit with the pre-existing image of the Nancy Drew games.
If you are going to change the interface for the Nancy Drew games from the one we have now, I would recommend reverting to the old style one (Curse through Creature) or even the original one (SCK through SSR) with a few modifications. Both of these interface styles really fit the image and stick with me as the way a Nancy Drew game should look. And reverting to these, with or without modifications, would still remove any icon confusion and the potential of accidentally exiting without saving.
Having said that, I do like the idea of the tasklist moving completed and checked off tasks to the bottom because it can be frusterating having to scroll through an impossibly long list to figure out what you still need to do and the changes to the names of the difficulty levels.

New UI

It is fantastic looking.

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