Passing Judgement: Shadow at the Water's Edge

The fans have spoken, and Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge is a huge hit! Snooping is back, the characters are interesting, and this was indeed the scariest Nancy Drew game in the series.  So we're extremely thrilled with what our fans had to say, and hope that our next game can meet the bar we just set...

The professional reviewers also had their take on this mystery adventure game.  They seemed to want more from the series and additional features, such as dialog fast forwaring.  The points they bring up are interesting and something we'll considering in creating future games, but we'll always come back to what our fans want.  We won't make any changes that will ruin the core experience and the way you've become accustomed to playing the games.  But it's always good to get an outside opinion.  Here's what the reviewers are saying:

"Shadows at Water's Edge is one of the less linear entries in the Nancy Drew series... The exotic and beautiful Japanese setting adds a breath of fresh air to the series, allowing players plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and learn a thing or two. Like past Drew games, the puzzles can get quite challenging and can't be skipped which might result in some frustration. A skip option for the dialogue might have been nice as well, since some of the characters tend to talk quite slowly. Overall, though, Shadow at Water's Edge has all the ingredients of another worthy entry to the well-respected series." ~Common Sense Media

"Shadow at the Water’s Edge is a good game with a fascinating horror story to enjoy, but the need to solve large number puzzles could make the game less appealing to some people. Still, it’s quite fun and definitely worth playing." ~The Adrenaline Vault

"The Nancy Drew games are still always worth investigating. They carry with them enough charm and chutzpah to override the wobbles of the odd alarming puzzle or timed panic. If you’ve enjoyed previous and recent Nancy Drew adventures then it’s a safe bet that you’ll have a good time with Shadow at the Water’s Edge as well." ~GameBoomers

What do you guys think?  Do you agree with the professional reviewers?


TOO MANY PUZZLES that have NOTHING to do with the game!

I did all of the puzzles, nonograms, telegrams, mammograms, and every other inane "challenge" such as the portrait hanger and the poorly conceived Bento Boxes.

The very last Bento Box was my "Waterloo." I did not finish it. It was time consuming and utterly and abysmally cruel.

This is why the Drew Series will NEVER come up to the likes of Syberia, Syberia II, The Art of Murder Series, The Tree of Life, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Paradise.

These remarkable large format games have one common thread: a good plot that twists and weaves, but rarely frustrates, as the entire Drew Series does.

There is no reason for it! Put your expertise into much more story and far less puzzle nonsense.

Fran Cummings (A one-time Drew devotee)

Huge Miss

One thing to have puzzles.. and even puzzles that have a time factor to continue on. But when you decide to use a timed puzzle that is solved using colors (the stain glass lock) You might think of your clients that may have color blindness .. as a result I don't have enough time to put the puzzle together.

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