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The Nancy Drew series is still going strong after 10 years, and to prove it we now have 19 PC games, 1 DVD game, a new Nancy Drew casual series, The Cody Capers series, a new Wii game out in December, and a Hardy Boys DS game coming next year. We love making Nancy Drew games, have a great partnership with Simon & Schuster who owns the Nancy Drew license, and will certainly continue making Nancy Drew games for the foreseeable future. We promise there will be plenty of new Nancy Drew games to go around!

So it all started with Nancy Drew, and we're continuing with Nancy Drew – to give her new cases, bring her to your video game consoles, allow others to experience her with different styles of play. With all of these new brands, series, and platforms we needed to evolve to accommodate everything, starting with a redesign of our website. We hope you'll give the new look a chance, and think you'll find it much easier to navigate, as well as some special new features including a convenient area where all the mini-game and demos will be located and better integration of the message board (cryptic sounding - I know!).

To start the website redesign, we wanted to create a modern look that would be simple and clean. This look would also need to represent Her Interactive as a company. We wanted something that was sophisticated, feminine, mysterious, fun, and gutsy – just like Nancy. Of course, the updated logo needed to retain some of the qualities of the original gold flag. And that's how we came to our updated logo. The 'Her' and the 'Interactive' are tied more closely together, so the 'Interactive' isn’t just floating off by itself. If you look carefully, you'll notice that it's actually an extension of the 'R' tail wrapped around like a banner. This is the flag part we wanted to keep. The 'H' and the 'R' are still in capital letters while the 'e' is still lowercase. We changed the font so it would stand out better alone without needing the flag for a background - that makes it bold. And so is the rich burgundy we chose for the color - jewel-toned, not quite red, and brimming with energy.

Without further, ado, I present the updated Her Interactive logo!Her Interactive logo

Next time, a sneak peak at the website!

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