December 2005

Who is she?

She just came into this office and left her calling card...

SQ ???

The Big Apple

I got a chance to travel to the Big Apple to visit with some really interesting people doing very creative things in the world of gaming. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to meet with Mattie Jensen, try as I could. :(

Before my flight back to rainy Seattle, I had a chance to visit the Museum of Modern Art where I saw a lot of cool pieces of artwork including this awesome mobile by Alexander Calder.

Mr. Sound Man, Send Me My Files

As soon as post-production is complete on the MANY MANY voice files we recorded last week, I'll start putting together all the phone conversations Nancy has with Bess and George and the Hardy Boys (and a couple of other rather colorful characters) and get them into Danger. The game is REALLY coming to life! In the meantime, I'm noodling the characters and plot for our next game. Which I don't mind doing, since it's cold and grey here, and the next game takes place somewhere nice and warm...

Cryptic Notes

We just came out of a design meeting and I looked at my notes and thought, 'How cryptic!

Danger Character Preview!!

Well, sorta...

ND15 Is eating my brain.

With Nancy Drew 14 already well into production, its my turn to drum up Nancy's next adventure. I could really use a sunny vacation to formulate some ideas. I mean, creative ideas are a dime a dozen, but grounding them in reality is always a challenge.
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