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Day 3 Twitch: TRN

We are having our Twitch party tonight! There’s a chance we may finish it tonight and not even need to play tomorrow night, just a head’s up. 😉 Anyways, hope to see you there! Follow us and watch live at We have Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon on Sale for today and tomorrow! […]

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Fan Art and Fan Appreciation

We received some awesome fan art from Emma R. today, who drew the cover art of Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy: Also, I LOVE seeing fans enjoy the Twitch streams. Everyone gets to see me and Tess, but we don’t always get to see you’re lovely faces! This is why I get excited. 🙂 Keep […]

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Train Talk and Fan Fashion

If you missed last Friday’s Twitch party, no worries! You can watch the past shows on our YouTube channel. Here’s Friday’s show: Hope to see you on Thursday/Friday when we finish the game! A fan blogged about Nancy and her friends’ fashion. Check it out here! As for the weekend puzzle, it’s binary code. Each […]

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Day Two: Twitch (TRN) and Weekend Puzzle #327

If you missed yesterday’s stream of Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, you can watch it here: If you would like to get the digital download for 25% off, use the promo code at checkout after you shop here. Be sure to join us tonight for Day 2 on Twitch here! Also, if you want […]

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Day 1: Twitch Party (TRN)

Tonight’s the first night we are streaming Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon! Follow us here, watch live for free, and sign in to join the live chat. We will be giving away prizes each day of the stream. 😉 In honor of the Twitch party, we have the game on sale today […]

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Mac Gamers

Hey all! We published a post for tips on how to get your PC Nancy Drew games to work on Mac computers. Check out the FAQ post here! Have any of you guys tried this? I haven’t, but it would be really awesome for our fans who only have Macs be able to play the […]

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Welcome to 2017!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and restful (or exciting) New Year’s Eve break! (I sure did; I played video games.) A couple things to highlight these first few days of 2017: Congrats to our Cookie Contest winners! Also, we are having another Twitch party! Follow us here to get the alerts and […]

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Day Two on Twitch: ICE

Tonight we continue playing Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Follow us here! If you missed yesterday’s party, we’ve uploaded it to our YouTube Twitch Party playlist. Here’s Day one: Fan q33nn3rd shared a picture of herself during our party last night. I love seeing fans’ pictures at the Twitch party! Speaking of […]

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Twitch: Day 1 ICE

Tonight we begin our Twitch party! Follow us here and join the live chat! Also, here’s day 7 in the Christmas Countdown gift box: -Little Jackalope

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Day 6 and Sale Items

Another day, another little surprise from Ned: On a side note, I’ve noticed that we have been running out of physical copies of our older games. If you had your heart set on ordering a physical copy, I suggest ordering sooner than later, because once they are gone, they are gone! Remember! Tomorrow is our […]

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