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Twitch Fans & Contest

Last week’s Twitch party was fun! I get really excited when I get to see screenshots of fans who watched the live show. (If you missed the last party, we continue to play Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness this coming Thursday and Friday. Follow us here.) I’m seeing a bunch of great Valentine Card entries […]

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An Empowering Girl

A great article about Nancy Drew was written and posted today by Sarah. Read it here! Here’s the solution to the weekend puzzle: -Little Jackalope Save

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Train Talk and Fan Fashion

If you missed last Friday’s Twitch party, no worries! You can watch the past shows on our YouTube channel. Here’s Friday’s show: Hope to see you on Thursday/Friday when we finish the game! A fan blogged about Nancy and her friends’ fashion. Check it out here! As for the weekend puzzle, it’s binary code. Each […]

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Mac Gamers

Hey all! We published a post for tips on how to get your PC Nancy Drew games to work on Mac computers. Check out the FAQ post here! Have any of you guys tried this? I haven’t, but it would be really awesome for our fans who only have Macs be able to play the […]

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Christmas Greeting 2016

I made a quick Christmas reminder video highlighting the most popular things going on this season: As for the weekend puzzle, it was a maritime flag code. It spelled out this message: [Wishing you an early Merry Christmas.] -Little Jackalope

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Trimming the GTH Trailer

Today I get to recreate the Ghost of Thornton Hall trailer…but shorter! When we first launched GTH in the Apple App Store, they only allowed screenshots — no video. Since then, they have allowed video and we need to get that trailer up in the app store! However, the challenge is to shrink it down […]

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WAC: Day 1 Twitch Party

Today we start playing Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy LIVE on Twitch! Follow us and subscribe to join! We will be giving a prize away each day. As for the weekend puzzle that I had you linger on for a few extra days… Here’s the solution: it’s ASCII code! Also known as ALT code, […]

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Halloween Par-tay! Haunted Mansion Style!

Today’s the big party! We will be live streaming Message in a Haunted Mansion soon on Twitch! If you are new to Twitch, it’s like YouTube, but we are live instead of pre-recorded. You also get to sign up for free and chat live with fellow Nancy Drew fans and ask us questions. Set your […]

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Preparing for Halloween 2016

Hey all, I missed yesterday’s post because I’ve been busy with some Halloween things. GAH! Halloween is right around the corner! We have only a few days for you to enter into the contests, and only a few more days left of the sale for our select scary games! (Shop here.) Also, on Halloween, we’ll […]

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SAW: Day 4 Twitch Party – The FINALE

Hey all! We didn’t finish playing Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge last week, so we will continue and finish it tonight. Ready to nab a creepy Japanese ghost? Follow us and watch on Twitch here. We will air at the same time: 4pm PT. In case you missed Friday’s party, we uploaded it […]

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