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Twitch, Podcast, Fans, and Weekend Puzzle #330

Tonight we finish playing Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Come join the party LIVE on Twitch here! Missed yesterday’s (or any past days) party? You can get caught up on YouTube: Today’s the last day we have Sea of Darkness on sale! Shop here. On a side note, one of our fans shared a video […]

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Day Two: Twitch & Weekend Puzzle #329

Tonight we continue playing Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness LIVE on Twitch! Come join the party here! (And if you don’t have this game, you can get it on sale today here. Enjoy!) In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s stream: Also, we love seeing our fans’ sharing of their KoKo Kringles that are arriving […]

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KoKo Kringles & Fan Fun

Here’s the latest news! “Thanks to everyone who participated.  We plan on shipping all the KoKo Kringles by the end of the week. Don’t forget to share your KoKo Kringle on one of our social media channels. Enjoy!” – HeR Interactive Here are a few behind the scenes shots of us packing them from our […]

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An Empowering Girl

A great article about Nancy Drew was written and posted today by Sarah. Read it here! Here’s the solution to the weekend puzzle: -Little Jackalope Save

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Fan Art and Fan Appreciation

We received some awesome fan art from Emma R. today, who drew the cover art of Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy: Also, I LOVE seeing fans enjoy the Twitch streams. Everyone gets to see me and Tess, but we don’t always get to see you’re lovely faces! This is why I get excited. 🙂 Keep […]

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Train Talk and Fan Fashion

If you missed last Friday’s Twitch party, no worries! You can watch the past shows on our YouTube channel. Here’s Friday’s show: Hope to see you on Thursday/Friday when we finish the game! A fan blogged about Nancy and her friends’ fashion. Check it out here! As for the weekend puzzle, it’s binary code. Each […]

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Past Holidays & Future Wishes

Christmas with my families was fun and relaxing this year. We watched football games, rode in a horse-drawn carriage, put puzzles together, played old video games together, and ate a ton of food. I’m sure I made at least two batches of homemade eggnog — but consumed all of it and didn’t share with anyone. […]

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Day Two on Twitch: ICE

Tonight we continue playing Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Follow us here! If you missed yesterday’s party, we’ve uploaded it to our YouTube Twitch Party playlist. Here’s Day one: Fan q33nn3rd shared a picture of herself during our party last night. I love seeing fans’ pictures at the Twitch party! Speaking of […]

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Animated Art and Fan Art

I made a cool thing! As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’ve been working on an animated gif. This one is from the cover art of Curse of Blackmoor Manor, which is on sale for 25% off this month using promo code TREAT16. It’s a short animation, but that’s because I spent so much […]

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The Silliness of Graphics

Today’s a rather slow day for me, I wrote a script, updated a web page, and worked more an the CUR animated Gif I have planned for this Friday. There are a lot of bats on the cover of Curse of Blackmoor Manor! I needed a method to keep track of them and their movements, […]

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